About us

Located in the heart of one of the French aerospace hubs, ADDIMP 3D realizes original models, at different scales, suitable for all types of model makers.

Originally a mechanical engineering company based on additive manufacturing, ADDIMP 3D opened up to the possibilities of creating original, innovative and exclusive models thanks to the processes of manufacturing by Fused Filament Fabrication.

Based essentially on the reproduction, on different scales, of existing models and all generations, our search for atypical models or multiple versions of the same device is one of the development axes of our range.

Manufacturing, mainly by 3D printing, in the purest DIY style, allows to create original models and offer them at different scales, with different options around a basic model.

Our approach is pragmatic and continuous improvement is another axis of development of our products. Your comments allow us to constantly improve our products, to offer them always more efficient, and always closer to your needs.

The price range is the lowest possible to allow the greatest number of people to participate in this great adventure by minimizing the risk of pirated copies of our files.

The set of files includes sources in stl format, factory files to allow them to resume under Simplify 3D, and g-codes to print directly on your own machine like Prusa Mk 2 / 3 type.

An assembly manual completes the set as well as a file of standard decorations - to print also by yourself - to decorate the final rendering.

To support us, share the address of this site, not the files, thank you.

Remember that every model sold drives the creation of new models and the improvement of existing products.

- for each file / product, the license if for personnal use only and no commercial use -

Thanks for supporting us.