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DH-98 Mosquito, 1/12 scale


Reproduction of the DH-98 Mosquito at 1/12 scale

Powered with electrical motor and LiPo for 3s or 4s


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Electrical motor up to 300w each and battery 3s or 4s

Flying 3 axis / 4 channels or 6 channels with flaps and retracts. Very easy to use.

Possibility to 3D print the main landing legs

Possibility to hand launch without landing gear.

Mk I, Mk / PR IV and Mk VI versions are available

This model use the LW-PLA from ColorFabb for some parts to lightweight the whole plane.

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Data sheet

Wingspan (inch)
Flying level
Intermediate, good level with 3 axis planes
Level of construction
Intermediate, experience building some 3D printed kits required


DH-98 notice FR

Download (1.67M)

DH-98 userguide EN

Printing and assembly notice

Download (1.68M)
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